Wounds are an increasing cause of morbidity in any patient. Medical education curriculum of undergraduate medical students should reflect this concern through effective teaching of wound healing and appropriate management of patients with chronic wounds.

On the basis of available literature it is evident that at present education in wounds is lacking in the undergraduate medical curriculum.

The Wound Management Cadaveric Course is undertaken to teach the knowledge and confidence about management of the wound among medical students.

This is a course with a structured teaching model about wound management, which we would like to be integrated into the undergraduate medical curriculum.

  • Course highlights include:
  • Hands-on cadaver dissection in the brand-new skills lab
  • Small group discussions
  • Guidance from world-renowned faculty committed to providing the ultimate educational experience.

Topics of the course include:

– comprehended burden of health care associated with chronic wound.

– learn to take a focused history of chronic wounds

– learn to analyse the factors delaying wound healing.

– understand the concept of moist wound healing.

– learn how to choose an appropriate wound dressing

– learn how to choose the suture and the needle

– learn how to close a wound with basic and advanced techniques

– learn to manage the scar

– learn the skin grafting and donor selection

– learn how to control wound infection

– observed the pocket Doppler to estimate A/B index.

– understood the graduated compression bandaging.

– observed the application of four layer compression bandage

– understood benefits of wound debridement.

– observed and do the procedure of wound debridement.

– observed and do the procedure of wound closure.

– Understand the principles of wound management as they apply to a simple laceration.

– Be able to demonstrate the preparation of a simple laceration for closure.

– Be able to demonstrate sterile technique while preparing and suturing a simple laceration on a cadaver model.

– Be able to demonstrate basic & advance suturing techniques on a cadaver model.


Wound Management